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Since UK like other Western countries has a rapidly ageing population, shouldn't British people be having more children? ?

Nothing against the elderly, but the elderly are a ticking economic timebomb. The NHS and social security cannot handle a top-heavy population forever. The contributions they gave in their lifetimes do not cover rising costs unfortunately since they are living longer and longer.

The government should encourage Britons to have more children with generous incentives.

Think of it as an investment for the country, as most of those children will be future taxpayers.Fertile British men and women: Throw the pills and condoms in the bin and go and have lots of sex, preferably with a long-term partner or spouse.

It is the natural place of women to be mothers...... not slaving away for some corporation for their best years and then ending up left on the shelf at 50. 

Hungary is doing something similar and it is working.


Incorrect Answer: When they grow up and they're working in 20+ years, they will outnumber the elderly then... that's my point.

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    White British people certainly should,  not third world Paper-British though.

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    The worlds economy is based on a Ponzi or pyramid system. Pensions, housing and the stock markets rely on more and more people joining at the bottom to keep the ones in the pyramid going. But unlike other Ponzi schemes that collapse due to new investors drying up, these keep going due to unlimited new people, or they did until now. 

    So governments want more people, their own aren’t breeding enough , so they encourage immigration even when pretending to halt it. 

    Having an ever growing population to pay for the elderly , is not a sustainable plan, if there aren’t enough jobs available and the working age population take out more in the way of benefits than they contribute in tax.

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    They're being replaced by Muslims

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    The situation is worse in Germany and Japan where fertility rates are lower than in the UK. Both those countries have attempted to encourage breeding with allowances for having and raising children but without much success. The population of Japan is falling and is projected to disappear by 2500 unless things change.

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    thats up to them

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    Yes, and not import savages from darkest Africa or wherever else.

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    Having more kids isn't going to get rid of all the old people, plonker. 

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