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Physics Impedance Given resistance, capacitor, inductor and hertz?

How do I solve for impedance. 

Find the impedance for a circuit consisting of a 13.8 ohm resistor, a 15.6 micro-farad capacitor, a 11 milli-henry inductor, and an AC voltage source with a frequency of 567 hertz.

Give your answer to one decimal.

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    Xc = 1/(2πfC) = 1/(2π567•15.6e-6)

    Xʟ = 2πfL = 2π567•11e-3

    X = 2π567•11e-3 – 1/(2π567•15.6e-6)

    Z = √(13.8² + X²) 

    Z = √(13.8² + (2π567•11e-3 – 1/(2π567•15.6e-6))²) 

    For a series circuit of a resistor R, a capacitor C and 

    an inductor L, the impedance may be calculated as follows: 

    Capacitive Reactance Xc = 1/(2πfC) = 1/ωC 

    Inductive Reactance Xʟ = 2πfL = ωL 

    Impedance Z = √(R² + X²) 

    where X = Xʟ – Xc 

    ω = 2πf 

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