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I told my woman friend I liked a guy and she told me these: 1. Forget him. Like another guy?

2 He did not invite you anywhere all this time so he wont do that. He doesnt like you in return.

3. She kept on asking if he is single. I said he is not married.

4 This pandemic holiday will be a chance for you to forget him.

5. She also meant we dont suit each other.

What is this about? She overreacted. I simply said I liked him. Why did she react this way? I am sure she isnt sleeping with him or anything or she isnt in love with him. She is no lesbian too I mean she doesnt like me emotionally or sexually.

and after all this, I told her the next day, are these your words or his words and she told me she is just being realistic.

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    ummm … lesse' … this  may  be  difficult  for  you  to  comprehend … see,  the  sky  is  not  really  "blue"?

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