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Why does immune cells not attack cancer?

I find it strange how our own immune cells doesn't attack cancers. Why is this? 

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    because the cancer cells communicate with the T cells  which indicates the the T cells they are normal cells . 

    immunotherapy tries to block this pathway  so that the T cells can recognize the cancer  

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    Because they are still your own body's cells.

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    It poorly understood why in some cases it is controlled while in others in results in tumors. One hypothesis is that cancer cells can pop-up here and there and our own immune system destroys the cells and as we get older our immune system isn't that great which is why cancers start to be more diagnosed. 

    Present cancer treatment research has used extracted cancer cells and with adjuvants have targeted one's own white cells against that cancer and when those white cells are reintroduced it can start to shrink tumors. This is being tried with melanoma and other cancers with varying success.

    We also have cases of spontaneous remissions ie cures (miracles) where the cancer went away without conventional treatment and the assumption is the immune system attacked it and cleared it.

    Based on the above it seems people do not recognize tumor cells as foreign and thus no immune response is mounted in those people who succumb to cancer. Finding that immune trigger can change outcomes is what immune therapies are all about. 

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    It doesn't attack it for a simple reason. WHYY???? cancer is trying to save your body. The body does not attack itself for heavens sakes. The immune cells are programmed to leave cancer alone and let it do the work of detoxing the body and really doing vigorous cleaning up of a messed up body. If you eat ton of toxins in foods and breathe in in the environment etc. The body has to get rid of this somehow. Cancer is a last resort if your lymphatic system is blocked or overly toxic. CANCER IS THERE TO SAVE YOU. Stop going to degenerate doctors who kill you with chemo chemicals. 

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    Because technically it is still our DNA, it is altered DNA that it won't attack regardless. 

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