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Best way to remove vomit from carpet?

This is kinda gross, but I woke up in the middle of the night and felt sick. I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom, and I couldn’t stop myself from puking all over the floor. It’s all over the carpet. I didn’t clean it up right away because I felt like crap and just wanted to go back to bed. Now it’s almost 12 hours later, and I need to clean it up. 

The carpet is really old and gross so I’m not too worried about stains, but I need to get the vomit out and the smell gone. It’s still kinda wet. I don’t wanna wipe it up and smear it into the carpet. I might have some baking soda, but not sure. I also have a carpet washing machine (like a rug doctor) but I’d rather not use it unless I have to since it’s a pain and it leaves the carpet all wet. Any suggestions for cleaning it up easily without actually shampooing the carpet? What’s the best way to remove the smell?

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    Break out that carpet cleaning machine.  It will vacuum up the vomit, which is what you want.  And it will remove any odor and make the carpet smell nice.  When done you can soak up the wet area with a towel and it should dry a lot faster. 

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    Lots of old cloth rags that you put on top of the PEEOOKK. and put something heavy on top of the pile of rags and leave it for the day.   It is in the carpet already whether it is a small surface or acres of carpet.  End of day take the rags and either wash them out and dry out to reuse or toss.     Now use lightly wet cloth with laundry soap and scrub the area to suds it up so you can get the chunks and color out and dab dry.

    .   Now you get WHITE VINEGAR & put into a plant misting bottle and mist the carpet area lightly and let that dry.  "& FLUCK OFF WITH THE BAKING SODA" as it neutralizes the odor eating activity of the vinegar.  Give it a couple days to dry and there is NO odor.

     Vacuum rug to get the big chunks.

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