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(Underworld) What happened with Michael Corvin?

I get that the actor Scott Speedman chose not to return to Underworld but they didn't have to make Michael Corvin into such a weakling. The guy was a hybrid said to be stronger than both race yet he gets capture and killed so easily.

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    According to "Underworld: Awakening" he was killed during the experiments that were carried out on the two of them when they were in cold storage.

    There's a sequence at the end of the film where a "Subject 0" is found in another tank, and who apparently escapes.  And who Selene believes in Michael.  But it's never identified, and is probably a red herring.

    And you're right - as a hybrid, he was supposed to be more powerful than any of them, and he never was.


    Incidentally, at the end of "Blood Wars" there's a retcon of Michael's fate involving Marius, which serves to slam the door shut on whether Michael will eventually be back.

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    I know the movies sucked after they got rid of him only the first two were good.

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