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Keloid on industrial ear piercing? Advice?

            Hi! I got my industrial pierced almost a month ago now, and it’s no longer sore or inflamed. However, it does get visibly irritated when I clean it twice a day with a solution (eventually it goes away). It’s also been rather itchy on the bottom hole with the bump (as shown in picture).

           I can’t remember how long I’ve had the bump, but every now and then some white pus-like substance comes out as if it’s draining the bump. I’m assuming it’s a keloid bump.

           I believe I’ve had experience with a keloid during the healing process of my helix piercing, but I wanted to get some advice from people who know about these things more than I do! I’ve heard tea tree oil helps get rid of keloids, but I wanted to know if it is a keloid before I treat it. 

Thanks in advance!


Also, the jewelry is surgical steel I believe and my piercer said that it has small amounts of nickel (which I’m allergic to), but I got my helix done with the same metal and it turned out fine. 

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    if its a keloid, tee tree oil will not help. A keloid is excessive scar tissue from irritation, anything irritating it just encourages the keloid. They are treated with steroids to calm the overactive scar formation.  Its impossible to say what you have without seeing it, keloids do not drain fluid. It could also be a seroma like cyst, or even a pyoderma granuloma. A derm would have to see it.

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