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why don't they show watership down from 1978 on british tv anymore?

the last time i saw it on tv was about 20 years ago now, and that was the edited 92 minutes version, it is such a wonderful animation from 1978, great storytelling and beautiful art...why haven't they shown it since?

i did hear pc liberal brigade kicked up a fuss about it being shown, and that groups of modern parents got together and protested against it being shown, because it was too disturbing for kids - what a load of nonsense that is, it was a great british animation, which belongs in the halls of fame.

sadly, you can't get the full uncut film on dvd in the uk now, i had to order mine, the full uncut film on dvd from the states, the deluxe edition, which was the full 101 minutes 90 seconds.

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    1 month ago

    I agree with the people that say it's disturbing for kids. The violence is extreme and rather horrifying to be honest

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