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I'm getting a pap smear on November 30. I'm a 24-year-old virgin. Advice?

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    Tell the doc that you are unfamiliar with things going inside you so they know to be extra cautious and gentle. 

    Relax tHe muscles in your lower belly. You can try placing a hand on your abdomen, just above your pubic bones.  If it feels tensed, intentionally, let it loose.

    It takes about two minutes and is really not that bad at all. 

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    dont let them put you to sleep

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    Understand what it's for first. Basically, it involves taking a sample of cells from the cervix (neck of the uterus) in order to check for any HPV (human papilloma virus) presence, which could result in abnormalities which could become cancerous.

    The test typically isn't very long, as it's usually less than 5 minutes. The whole appointment typically takes about 10 minutes. The staff will explain everything to you first in order to make it easier for you.

    NB you cannot be having your period during the pap smear. If you get it that day, then cancel the appointment and go back after it's finished.

    When you have the test done, you're asked to go behind a screen and get undressed from the waist downwards, and get given a sheet to put over your legs (although if you're wearing something that's loose, like a loose skirt, you may be able to just take your underwear off).

    They then ask you to lie back on the bed in the surgery with your knees bent and feet together. They then place a speculum into the vagina, (sometimes with a little lubricant to make insertion easier) which gently opens to allow them to access the cervix. It can feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn't hurt. They use a small brush to take a sample of the cervical cells. After that, they close and remove the speculum, then leave you to get dressed again. You may notice a little bit of light bleeding after the test which is normal, and should go away after a few hours. If it doesn't, then see a GP.

    It's okay to ask for a female doctor or nurse to do it, or to ask for a chaperone to be present, like a parent, friend or sibling if it makes you feel more comfortable, because they will do this for you. You may also find it useful to ask for them to use a smaller speculum if you're still a virgin, because the vaginal muscles may be tighter.

    You should know that you're in complete control, and can ask at any point for the doctor or nurse to stop, and if you do, then they will.

    It may feel embarrassing, but the medical staff are trained to help people, and talking about how you feel can help them determine what kind of treatment you need. Also know that it's routine to them. If you see a gynecologist or a gynecology nurse in particular, it will be part of what they do for a living, possibly multiple times a day, so to them, will be like looking at your tonsils, as they likely will already have seen more female anatomies up to now than Casanova ever did.To them, the genitals are purely another part of the body.

    Also know that like when someone sees any other medical staff who are qualified, there may be medical students present. Both the students and the qualified staff are very grateful if a patient is willing to help out - for example if a patient will let the students watch an examination being done or allow them to do basic bits and pieces like measuring your pulse, since this is how they learn - but it's entirely voluntary. You can say no to seeing a student, or ask for any students present to leave at any point, and if students are asked to leave, then they will, because they don't have any choice but to do so. You can also ask to see only certain students, for example only female students.

    Hope this helps.

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    have them explain what they a re doing and just watch your phone or breathe deeply for a few minutes. It only lasts an extremely short time. May be uncomfortable shouldn't be painful.

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