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Objectively speaking, surely there are as many female incels as there are male?

Being incel is an attitude problem as we know no one is too ugly or too disabled to not get casual sex. If you look at it as an attitude problem, surely both genders unreal expectations these days amount to involuntary sexless periods considering how easy it is for anyone to come by?

Though I’m sure more males are “involuntarily celibate”, the word has its definition stretched to guys who can’t find a girlfriend because of their attitude or guys who are on a dry spell having been round the block a lot and now have a bitter attitude. 

If you hold females accountable for this too, how many females struggle to get guys to want them beyond sex due to their rancid personalities? Or ones that struggle to get guys to be attracted to them at all? You see them represent SJWs/angry feminists. I think it’s pretty even and these people need to me placed on a field together let them have their way with each other. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You would think. Math. 

    But imagine a situation where only 1% of the dudes get to have sex BUT they MUST have sex with all the women in order. So if you're that dude and you really want to bone that cute blonde, you have to bone the less attractive women first to get to the cute blonde. The point is that it's possible for ALL the women to get laid every month and still have 99% of the men not get laid all year long. 

    And yes, a lot of male incels are male incels b/c they won't lower their standards. 

    I didn't VOLUNTEER to be celibate but I refuse to lower my standards AND I refuse to 'chase'. Partly b/c I'm lazy. Partly b/c the dating game just isn't worth it anymore. On the plus side, I don't complain about it either so I guess I'm really only TECHNICALLY an incel b/c I'm not part of the 'movement' or 'club' or whatever. 

  • ?
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    1 month ago

    One must self identify as an incel to be one and most sexless women just don't complain about it as much. So they're not technically "incels". 

  • 1 month ago

    Objectively speaking, your ideas are nonsense.

    Pretending that NO ONE is ugly or disabled, or socially-offputting enough even with good intentions, to not get casual sex??? That's CRAZY.  "We know" no such thing. Anyone who's spent any time around any group of people at all knows that there are some poor unfortunates who just never get anybody. PERIOD. What possible reason could there be to deny this clear and obvious fact?

    Only someone who's never gone to high school, or lived in an apartment building, who never had any group social engagement of any kind, thinks like that. Or else, someone who is attractive themselves but SO divorced from humanity that they think EVERYONE is like them. Or somebody with some off-kilter idea in advance that they're seeking to manipulate reality to "prove."

    Do you also believe in a flat Earth? That Trump & Biden are smart, honest, and care about you? MAYBE you even believe in the biggest myth of them all, that capitalism "works," and that it's POSSIBLE for a "free market" to even EXIST?

    Go peddle your fairy tale somewhere else.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yep, I’m a female incel and a misandrist. 

    Fvck men. 

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  • Zirp
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    1 month ago

    Why waste energy on CASUAL sex (like with prostitutes) when what you need is an emotional relationship?

    also, being allergic to tobacco-smoke, and not dating smokers for that reason, is NOT an attitude-problem

    > surely there are as many female incels as there are male?

    among people over 60, the females outnumber the males

  • Mark
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    1 month ago

    Perhaps.  But how is someone "involuntarily celibate"?  Such people must have to work REALLY hard at being as repugnant (no, not lookwise) as to fulfill that role.

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