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Should I get an IUD or implant?

Hi, I am currently on the pill for birth control but I'm struggling to be able to take it at the same time every day and I would like an easier and more reliable form of BC. I was thinking about getting an IUD or an implant (in the arm). I was wondering which is better in terms of pain (getting it inserted) and side effects while on the form of birth control and other people's expriences.

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    The IUD usually gives you a. relative feeling of freedom. It used to be indicated for women who are married and already have a young child that is about the terríble twos. For some childcare might drain a lot of their potencial and birthcontrol gets in the way of. a Love story they had together up to the.arrival of the first one. People who cannot really look after another baby considering are then priviledged with the choice. Hormones on the other hand aré usually effective as well.

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    Best to see your doctor, ask all the questions you have...write them down and bring the list to the doctor visit.

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