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What's the best way to get an outdoor cat to stay in?

Hello! So a little back story, there was a cat that I would occasionally see around my neighborhood that seemed to have no home. I waited for a long time to see if he was someone's pet that had maybe just gotten out since he's a beautiful siamese, but as it got colder and colder I realized he either had no home, was abandoned, or part of the group of cats that someone in my neighborhood catches, vaccinates and then releases. He was sleeping on my porch when it was below freezing outside, so I eventually brought him in since it was so cold. It's been nearly a full year now and he comes home and sleeps in my house every single night and eats here and spends about half the day here as well. The problem I'm having is that I would really like him to stay indoors, just so I know he's safe, and with winter coming up I'm afraid someone will see him outside and take him in thinking he's been left out. He usually only goes out for maybe an hour at a time, but he freaks out if we don't let him out, and I mean freaks out! He screams so loud and will bite you if you walk near the doors without opening them. He's the sweetest cat I have ever seen but he turns into a monster if he doesn't go outside. I was thinking winter would probably be the best time to house train him since he's more likely to stay in when it's cold, but any tips for helping him calm down about it? 

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    The only thing I can suggest is to get an oversized kennel to put outside and shut him inside for a while each day so he can get a taste of being "outdoors." Another option is a cat tunnel... They are mesh screen with stakes... kinda like croquet hoops. You can set up in the ground... and even buy more than one and hook them together.

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    nothing you can change about that except time

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    Lots of play and exercise! Especially play that simulates hunting.  You can also construct a catio that she can go out into while still remaining safe and enclosed. 

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    Is he neutered?  That may take care of some of it, but he's used to being able to go outside. The screaming and biting is a siamese trait.  The only way to train him is to ignore his tantrums or perhaps distract him with a catnip toy.  They sell calming sprays, but make sure it's one that's labeled for cats as they are sensitive to many of the essential oils to the point where it can kill them.

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