Native English speakers, what does this sentence mean?

"You're the one who always worried about someone ruining the felt."

What is meant by 'ruining the felt' there? 

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    1 month ago
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    A couple more sentences here, more context, could help us. But it is 90% likely that this 'felt' is not the verb from 'to feel' but the noun 'felt' which is used for the smooth fabric that lines a pool table or a billiards table, often green in color. It is sometimes easy to damage this fabric by using the 'pool stick' (you can look that phrase up) like a rambunctious amateur, and it's not very easy to repair felt in a decent way. And that's not a happy accident when that happens... One step further though with interpreting this remark, and it's probably the speaker telling the 'you' person that they worry too much about every little detail, rather than just enjoying the game with enthusiasm, that the 'you' person is  'overly cautious' or even 'a worry-wart' about the smaller things. (They may not even be playing pool or billiards at all.) So more context would help understand this quote. 

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    It means that if 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts then your aunt would be your uncle and we'd all have a merry christmas.  

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