Do renters have any protection from being evicted in ohio if they are currently unemployed due to the pandemic?

I was licensed in 2018 to begin selling insurance. I held a self employed position with a company leading up to the pandemic when I quickly moved to a W2 work from home position to avoid loosing employment. I did fall behind on rent but was able to catch back up. The work from home company ran out of work and 90% of the company went on unemployment. I am one of the 90%. At this time I have fallen a month behind on rent and my landlord posted a 45 day notice to evict. I have been on a month to month lease with him but he noted failure to pay rent as his reason to terminate our agreement. Do I have any options to protect myself. Also, he has been running electric from my house I rent from him to a garage he rents to someone else. I pay the entire sum of the electric bill. That cant be legal. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you are licensed to sell insurance, you are STILL self employed and NO company even PRETENDS to fire independent agents. In fact, most rely MORE on independent agents now than before.

    In the case you describe, you effectively CREATED your problem by taking whatever job you did.

    The BEST  thing you can do is SELL INSURANCE, assuming you are actually capable of supporting yourself that way.

    Your last line about power is the sign of a BAD troll.

    A Hunch: The CDC can recommend anything. The have ZERO authority to order a moratorium on ANY court process, even in Federal courts. They have even less authority in state courts.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I don’t know what protection you have in Ohio, but if you have a month to month lease, you can be kicked out on 30 days notice regardless of rent payments. They were being nice by giving you 45 days. You should try to find a job ASAP, even if it’s not a great one. Then you’ll be in a position to make a deal with your LL. You should try to make payments in whatever amount you can afford. If you’re attempting to catch up, the LL will be more likely to work with you. You can also use the electric issue as leverage. It is absolutely illegal for him to run the garage on the electric bill you pay. If he can’t separate the meters, then he should just include electric in your rent. Even if he can’t evict you, just remember that you will still owe every penny of back rent. If you’re unable to catch up, you may find yourself in small claims court being sued for unpaid rent. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Find a job. Walmart, Grocery stores, pizza delivery. You can pay your rent if you have just a little damn initiative.    

  • 1 month ago

    the CDC has ordered a moratorium on evictions through December 31, 2020 that would result in the individual becoming homeless or moved to overcrowded living spaces.

    To receive this benefit you have to provide the CDC declaration to your landlord.  In this declaration you are agreeing to pay what you can now (as much of the entire rent as possible) and that you agree to pay the missing rent, late fees, and interest on the missed rent.

    This is likely irrelevant to you.

    The landlord is giving you 45 days to leave, which puts in early December.  At which time an eviction would be filed.  The eviction hearing would probably not be held until January, 2021 anyways. 

    If you want to complain about the electricity that is a different issue.  You can complain from now forward but not backwards (for reimbursement). 

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