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Tips on regrowing my hair, I lost some due to stress? ?

Short background story, I worked super hard in school and I was doing really well until Covid happened, I ended up failing by three questions in my nursing class. It truly did devastate me, I cried for probably two months straight, I was so stressed/depressed about it not knowing what direction to go in or what to do now. I put so much into it, months upon months of work ruined.. I felt like a failure, as well as feeling stupid.

   I didn't realize that stressing so much would cause my hair to fall out a few months later. does anyone know when my hair will start growing back? tips to regrow my hair faster, like would some kind of egg mask work. Or any supplements that people use?  I'm not anywhere near that level of stressed or as upset as I had been, but I just can't get over it. I worry I won't get over it until I go back to school, and I'm scared if my hair will just keep falling out, even though I'm not near that level of stressed I still tear up when I talk about it.   

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    IPL SHR hair removal from

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    I was having so much trouble with school during covid too. I was so brain fogged and couldn't focus. I had all the time I needed but it was just so difficult and the days just passed by. One class was an easy A and I got a D. I was so mad at myself. I still owe money for classes that I withdrew from. 

    It's just difficult to study at home. I usually liked to go somewhere to studyI hope you get better soon

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    You should target the cause of your hair loss (stress). Meditate, exercise, eat clean and be productive. 

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    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Take a Biotin supplement.

    2. Generally improve and or eat a healthy diet.

    3. Get enough sleep.

    4. Work on developing stress-reduction practices like physical workouts, breathing exercises, and meditation or gratitude practices.

    Your hair grows inside you. The hair outside your head is dead, so nothing topical is going to make your hair grow.  Using products that prevent or limit breakage will help you keep your growth one it happens.  

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