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Does this imply Morihei Ueshiba would easily dominate any world class UFC/MMA fighter?

This is an excerpt from from an interview, conducted by two unidentified journalists, which appears in the book "Aikido" by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Tokyo, Kowado, 1957.

"You can immobilize a person with just one finger ...

O-Sensei: I draw a circle around him. His strength is contained within that circle. No matter how strong that man is, he cannot extend his power outside of that circle. It becomes powerless; without any power. Therefore, if you pin your opponent while he is out of your circle, you can hold him with your index finger or little finger. This is possible because the opponent has already become impotent; has run out of any strength."

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    Morihei Ueshiba was a warrior and had a number of fights in his time.

    Dominate, I am not sure but he would hold his own.

    he trained in a number of Japanese jujutsu styles over his life time. He may not have included striking in aikido but he did know how to strike. 

    Striking and grappling were not taught as separate arts until they became a sport and controlled by rules

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