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Is now a good time to expand a micro business?

In 2011 I started a carpet cleaning business. Before that I was a displaced worker who had a good job from 1982 until about 2005 I photo finishing. I spent 2006-10 as a carpet cleaner. I sort of liked it. I started my own carpet cleaning business September 2011. Moonlighting until March 2012 when I averaged about $1,000 a week in sales and $600 in profit.

Between 2012 and 2018 that doubled. 2019 was flatline. 2020 started flat and COVID hurt badly.

I want to expand into fine handmade rug cleaning. I have to rent warehouse space and expand with about $15k in equipment. I have spent $15k 2011-2018 on equipment. Nothing in 2019 and 2020. I have a marketing olan ready to go. I am doing exactly what a successful place about 500 miles away did around 2000. My best weeks are about $2,500 in sales. That is a terrible week for my 000inspiration. He averages about $5,000-6,000 per week. I want that. I will not have that immediately, certainly not with this equipment, but it is a step. Am I taking too much risk? I do about 10 percent of my work this high end now. I'd like to see it be 30 percent in 2022. I'd be happy to hit 50 percent in 2029 when I am 65. Then I promote a manager and still do a little, but begin to retire.

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    You need to PLEASE sit down with a CPA and work out a multi year plan.  NOW.  Most of the answers you will get here will be "Oh, and you think it is smart to ask a bunch of random people on Yahoo that question?  And they will be correct.  A SMART person who plans to make MONEY with their business would sit down with a CPA or other financial professional and plan it out and NOT be on Yahoo.

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    It depends on how organic is your growth. Rent facilities, don't buy. pay out of pocket, don't borrow. Use the interest off of what you've already saved, and not the principle. I wouldn't worry too much about slogans and marketing/advertising. If you're doing a thing and your doing it right, the customers will flock to you. 

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