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Why do so many women marry for financial reasons?

I’m not saying that it’s the primary reasons for marrying someone but it’s definitely important for a lot of women. When a woman sees a man makes a lot of money, their eyes light up and they think “ah ha! Husband material!” and their entire behavior towards that man changes. I’ve seen it firsthand with friends and family who are wealthy but don’t say anything and then when they let the cat out of the bag or pull up in their new Mercedes, women start talking to each other “oh wow! He must be a doctor, maybe you should talk to him” etc etc 


For example my sister is in a group chat with all of the other women in the family in “Girls Chat” and they always talk about trying to meet wealthy guys and go to all the places wealthy guys hang out and they try to talk to coworkers to see if they know any eligable bachelors for their daughters to date who are educated and wealthy 

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    Females will never admit it but for sure are like that. 

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    I married a man who had considerably LESS assets than me, but in the years together we purchased a home, raised four now adult children and now sit financially comfortable in our middle years. Money wasn't even an issue but who he was and how he treated me was. 

    We have been married over 3 decades now, and I am so grateful I didn't reject him simply on the basis of how much money he had.  

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    I thought it's the men who marry for financial reasons because they only offer marriage when they are FINANCIALLY READY.

    Women marry God-given men for them for financial reasons or not!

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    Because they'd starve if they actually had to work ..

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    I think it's at least in part a product of the system and the culture. Take Scandinavia with its high equal rights and social security system.

    The women there generally don't give a sh*t, pardon my language about how much a man makes, what car he drives etc. as long as he's not living in his parents' basement, mooching off them. In fact, it's a strike against him if he starts talking about his income and fancy car on the first date, as he comes across as a bit of jerk, thinking he can impress their pants off with material stuff. Same thing if he's working his pants off, because would he have time for her and their family?

    And this is likely in part because they have paid maternity (and paternity) leave, an income safety net, affordable childcare, "free" healthcare, "free" university etc.

    Assuming you're from the U.S. then childcare alone can sometimes eat up low level income, so in reality it would make more sense to have one stay at home parent, meaning the other parent should be able to support the family. Hospital bills, even with insurance, can set you back like it's nobody's business, and you start saving up for your children's education early on. With all of this, money is bound to have a higher priority for someone wanting to start a family.

    Obviously this is a broad generalization, there are American women who don't care about a man's income and job description and Scandinavian women who do. Also, if you look at all the surveys done in the U.S. about what women consider to be the most important qualities in a man, then income and job description is rarely (if ever) at the top.

    I don't think people necessarily think this consciously about it or that this is the sole reason for differences in mindset from country to country, but I do believe it plays a role - and that spills over into many little things as well, such as the expensive engagement ring (not done in Scandinavia) or that the man is generally always expected to pick up the tab (not so in Scandinavia).

    If you were to look at other countries again with different income levels, social security systems etc. then this will again likely reflect in how people date, who they marry, who is considered a "high quality" partner etc.

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    Have you ever browsed the children's literature section? Watched cartoons? Any kid shows? See movies? Read a newspaper? Engaged yourself in your culture community regarding this?  Little girls, up until just about 20 years ago, were taught from day one that what little girls do is slowly grow up, get married, have little babies of their own and raise them. There are movements that come through that offer different choices but, underlying them, there is still the reality that little girls are taught that they will grow up, get married, have babies and raise them. They are supposed to cook too. Even women who have good educations, but are not particularly career driven, will do exactly the same thing as a more educated Wife and Mom. From the cradle. Waifs wed Princes. Character study for nearly every Soap Opera Character.  Struggling career woman meets millionaire who admires her grit and quickly falls in love with her was THE story pin for half the movies made just about everywhere until just decades ago. It's expensive to raise babies. And the person doing all that raising can rarely earn the money to support it at the same time. This has been deeply written into human behavior for many thousands of years. It's important to remember that up until 1970, an unmarried woman could not readily access birth control and the birth control pill was not prescribed to single women. Did you know that a married woman, up until 1968 (I might be off a year or two), a married woman could not have a bank account of her own? It's really VERY relatively new that women are not culturally dependent on men and financially controlled by them. 

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    As women are generally the ones who have the desire to provide personal care for their future kids at the sacrifice of their careers they are looking for a partner that would guarantee the most financial resources to do so. Despite the Disney fairytale love doesn't last if you can't put food on the table.  

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    I never dated someone for their money -- i start seeing someone if i'm feeling that chemistry/or attraction toward them and want to get to know them better to see if we have things in common and whether we connect.  I've dated wealthy men, middle class and upper middle class men.  The ones who weren't gentlemen and acted like anAss, were not an option, whether they were wealthy or not.  

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    Because a man with money can secure a future.  My sister has only ever dated rich guys, it’s just the kind of man she attracts happen to be that type but most women don’t really need a man who has millions to spend but they want a man with something to offer and poor people often don’t have that

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