SSD external drives?

i am trying to save space and i have 6 ssd drives with 1 tb each is their somthing that a normal household has that i can put inbatween them to keep them safe from each other. btw their ssd sata

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  • 1 month ago
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    If I am understanding your question, you have six external hard drives and you are concerned about how to stack / store them so that they will not damage each other.  You are concerned if you stack them directly on top of each other the heat from each may damage the ones above or below it.

    You would want to find something that is open in the front and the back so that it has air flow and an opening for the cables. They make decorative shelf units that look like a series of small boxes.  Find one that is big enough to hold the drives (with air flow space around the drives) and it should work good for you.

    I am not aware of anyone who makes something specifically designed for stack external drives.

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