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How can I fix this problem in windows 7?

My computer disconnects from the internet after going to sleep mode, and it won't even recognize the modem after waking up. The only way to reconnect is to put it to sleep again for a several times.

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    Control Panel > Device Manager > expand Network Adapters.  Right-click the card that you are using and choose, "Properties".  Click "Power Management" tab.  Untick the check box that says, "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."  Click OK and exit out of the rest of the screens.  You may need to reboot to save the setting to the registry.

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    Disable sleep?                      .

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    why are you putting it to sleep? there is zero advantage to that, and it only wears your hardware out faster...

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    Use Windows 95 instead.

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    Power options

    In Balanced and Power saver, turn all to never

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