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If I am wearing a mask and 6 feet away from someone then is it impossible to give them the Coronavirus if I am infected and don't know?

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    Nope, the masks protect some, but the virus can still go through them. The masks do not protect the person wearing them, but offer partial protection to others from our stank. Sars and the flu the "safe" distance was 12 feet, becouse that is how far we project our stank, even further when we cough or sneeze.  Time also plays a role, the longer the time the higher the virus concentration which leads to an increase in the chance of it getting through those masks. Indoors, outdoors, temp, humidity, all play a role in transmission rates and how long the virus will survive in the air and on a surface. If one is infected, Isolation from all until clear is the only safe route.

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    It is remotely possible but unlikely. It also depends whether you are indoors and how long you spend there. 

    Contrary to what some people still believe, your mask protects YOU from others, as well as others from you. That is why medical people always wear them. They do not want to get infected. 

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    As I understand it transfer in those circumstances is highly unlikely. But nothing is impossible in this world.

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