Omg girls be honest?

I just started talking to an ex gf. We havent talked in 4 years. She mentioned her brother barely passed away (in 2019). You would think someone will get over a loved one passing away year later (yes i lost people i loved too but the depression level clears off after a year). She didnt seem in a mood or into our talk perhaps because of her brother. I then stopped texting her by saying im go to sleep and that SHE CAN REACH ME WHENEVER. Its been over 2 week since we last talked.

Should i wait for her to reach me next or should i reach her again second time?

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  • 3 months ago
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    Send her a short text saying, "Hi, hope you're doing OK. Can we meet for coffee some time?" and leave it up to her after that.

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    3 months ago

    You don't ever "get over" a close loved one dying, the grief just gradually becomes easier to live with. If it was around this time of year when her brother died last year, then she may be struggling a bit right now. That's totally normal and very common around the anniversary of a loss. 

    However, if it's been 2 weeks since she last spoke to you, I'd say it's pretty obvious that you're not a priority in her life right now. If you are interested in an active dating life, then stop waiting around for this girl. Find women who are available and interested in relationships now. Your ex-gf may just not be in a place right now where she's interested (or perhaps just not that interested in you), but if you're ready for something more in your romantic life, then simply wish her well and move on.

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