I was contacted by Coyote but I want to ask a native American person about what they feel?

Hi, so I live in Oregon and I am a mostly white person, I do have some American Indian blood but my dad's Cherokee, not native to Oregon, but I was raised with a sort of vague spirituality. I recently had an interaction with an entity I don't recognize and I want answers but I feel like this will come off as me inserting myself in a culture I don't belong in that is closed practice and I don't wanna be one of /those/ white people, y'know?

So you could either choose to humor me and answer my question or tell me it's not appropriate for me to even ask these kinds of questions.question: I recently had a time of great distress around something that was important to me and I called for help from nature and left offerings of food, alcohol, and rocks, shells, flowers, herbs, etc. , which is how I was raised, but an entity that answered me answered me and told me he was named Coyote. I asked him if I was going to get rewarded for my hard work, and he told me I would "get what I deserved" and that's all he would say. This made me incredibly worried that I wasn't deserving of anything, but the outcome was extremely positive. After doing some research, the people of Oregon put Coyotes in a very important cultural position, and in folklore, Coyote is a singular figure who helps the people of Oregon with lessons and gifts. My question is: is it possible that my Coyote and their Coyote is the same Coyote? And is it possible that he helped or was he just wise to the future?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    its better to ask.  You can do anything that makes you happy.  the coyote is in all of us.  he was helpful knowing too much or too little is not good.  you get just what you need.  be happy and celebrate.  its a good thing.

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