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I fully support Marcus Rashfords campaign to get free meals for the impoverished, how many other Premiership stars stand foursquare with him?

....A good percentage of players come from disadvantaged backgrounds and communities, so they should understand...

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    Barry and Nalla are a couple of idiots, firstly you cannot punish the children for what their parents do, also neglect is a crime, the main reason these people cannot afford to feed their children is poverty created by successive Tory governments so until that is dealt with (and it wont be under the Tories) we need a short term solution so children don't go hungry 

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    Do you?  That's good. 

    Tell me, how much CASH is Rashford putting up along with those multi-millionaire Premier League stars that stand "foursquare with him" in order to feed these kids? 

    They could solve the problem themselves but they don't they call for someone else to do it, someone else who has already coughed up 200 billion since April in the form of the furlough scheme, hundreds of millions more in grants and interest-free loans (much of which will not be repaid) and however much more billions now to be expended in this new JSS that starts next month.  The public purse contains only dust particles at this point yet these rich football playing celebrities have the gall to ask us to find even more money to relieve parent's of their obligations. 

    What will it be next?  Money to put petrol in their cars, how about we redecorate their front rooms too?

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    I agree with Barry, bad parenting leads to hunger, and remember women have kids not the government.

    So unless you can afford to feed them STOP HAVING THEM

    The only way I can respond to the half wit socialist Pratt Scottie is here so, it doesn’t mater which party is in, it is not the job of any government to feed children from irresponsible parents——- I’m not blaming the children I’ m blaming the half wits like you that have them

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