what are some movies where a male character manipulates a woman into sleeping with him?

I'm looking for movies or Tv shows where a male character does something immoral to get sex from a woman without raping her.

some examples I know are:

The man in the iron mask- a king desires the wife of a soldier so he has that soldier went to the front lines of a war so he will die then tells the woman that he promised the soldier he would care for her should anything happen to him. the woman believes this and becomes the kings mistress. she never loves him but needs the financial security for herself and her mother

The Count of Monte Cristo- a man desires his best friends fiancée so he has his friend set up for a crime and when the friend is arrested he marries the friends fiancée. She doesn't love him but needs to pass off the child she's carrying as his so marries him. she doesn't know that he set up his friend so in her eyes he did nothing wrong.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    basically any episode of How i met your mother has barney lying to women and doing huge elaborate schemes to get sex

  • 1 month ago

    Indecent proposal - A man offers a bunch of money to a financially struggling couple to have sex with the wife.

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