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Can hermit crabs be moved to a 18gal bin?

I have had two hermit carbs for over 2 years now, they are healthy and relatively nice to care for. I have had no limb dropping and they go through their molts just fine, I'm saying this to dissuade people telling me that I shouldn't have hermit crabs, I used to live next to the ocean a lot of place their sell them in horrid conditions and I figured if I could help two then that was better than letting them be picked up by some tourist kid.

  The only problem I've run into is that the lid on their tank (20gallons) is jank, it doesn't hold moisture, so far I've made do with a wet towel put over the top but the weight has caused it too bow downward and my worry is of it falling in. I was wondering if placing them and all of their amenities into a 18gallon bin would be okay in the mean time while I save up money to purchase a better lid that won't be so massively jank.

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