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Why are Christians so rude to Atheists?

Arent they taught to love thy neighbor?


I might be a different kind of Atheist but I never tell anyone their beliefs are wrong because I dont agree with them. I have the utmost respect for all beliefs and religions. But I'm always being insulted by someone for mine.

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    They talk a lot about love but the fact is theirs is a doctrine hate towards just about everyone.

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    Re: "Don't you read the constant barrage of abusive postings of atheists online?" 

    You have successfully confused an atheist with a religiophobic person.

    Religiophobic people are the ones that actually dislike religion and tend to spew hate. I'm sorry theyve made you believe that they're normal atheists.

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    1 month ago

    🙄Don't you read the constant barrage of abusive postings of atheists online?

    Or is this a case of confirmation bias where you only 'see' Christian posts?

    Notice how it's always Christians who atheists target, never other religions.🤔

    Don't take issue with Muslims being awfully rude to infidels by beheading them?

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