Why do Christians hate Atheists? We arent all bad, we just commonly get mistaken for religiophobes.?

I am an Atheist who respects others beliefs and religions. I support religion in fact because I can put myself into peoples shoes and understand how such beliefs can have a positive impact on their life. I understand that peoples religions are sometimes the best things they have in their lives that give them the strength to keep moving forward and sometimes gives them the mental peace that all humans deserve to have every now and then. The only thing I've ever asked of any Christian or anyone of any religion is that they have the same respect for my beliefs that I do for theirs. I was with my father when he became a born again christian in church and I was with him when he chose to get baptized. I was proud of him both times because I could see how happy he was and how he was changing for the better because of it, I also can imagine how nerve racking getting baptized and becoming born again is, it's a huge step that I'm proud of my dad for taking in HIS journey. Regardless, he constantly tells me that I'm the reason HES going to hell because I deny God. He tells me every time he calls me that him and my step-family are disappointed in my life choice and they honestly refuse to treat me with any respect ever. When I finally told my father that I was an atheist and that him and my step-family need to finally accept it and try to respect my beliefs like I do theirs, my own dad who lives in a totally different state ignored every phone call and text I made to him for 4 months.

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    Relax, do not confuse the attitude of your father with a general attitude of Christians towards atheists.

    Assuming this story is true - he seems to be keeping a lot of his past unbelieving baggage and taking it on you, if he continues to grow in Christian faith and love with God's grace - he will change in his attitude towards you.

    Perhaps he thinks if he is a Christian father he should immediately help the rest of his family believed in God and Christ, but if he could not - there is something wrong in you.

    However, note that there are lot of abusive atheists on the internet, especially here who dwell on insulting and mocking Christians every day.

    Christians love them, but hate their sinful conduct and pray for them to return to God and share His love shown by His son Jesus Christ and reject the evil influences of the devil (even if they don't acknowledge his existence - their evil actions show his influence in them).

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    I’m really sorry your dad treated you like that. I don’t know where he got the idea that he’s going to hell because of his son’s disbelief - that is nowhere in the bible. I pray the Lord will reveal the truth to him so he can express the love of the Father to you, because God loves you even though you don’t believe in Him right now. God expressed His love for us in that Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners. God bless you

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