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Are these things normal or should I be concerned ?

The other day my grandkids and I were leaving the house. My husband was in the yard and this girl was walking by with her dog. They both started talking like they knew each other. My husband is 54 and we've been married for 5 years. This girl looked around 20. The grandkids and I were in the car and pulled away as they were talking. My husband and her almost in a way seemed like they were flirting. I got a horrible feeling when I drove off. Later that night I asked what that was about and he said its just some girl who he knows from walking the dog up the block. It still seemed odd to me. Any advice?

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  • Ashley
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    I think if he was trying to be sneaky with her , he wouldn’t have tried to talk to her in front of you. Your husband is allowed to be friendly to others you know. Walking dogs around the neighborhood and bumping into others can create conversation. I think if you don’t trust him, your marriage is a waste of time. Sounds like jealousy also because she is younger than you. 

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