Why do think he was so pissed off and made no eye contact when he passed me?

this guy I used to work with, asked for my snap and hit me up for a late drive, and it was nice. We just talked and listened to music, and he asked a few personal questions like how many guys I’ve slept with, when I lost it, how I lost it, and same for him. He told me when he lost it, blah blah. And then he took me home, and said next time he wanted to come over and watch a movie with cozy blankets and popcorn and get drunk, which I was down for. Then I decide to get drunk and started thinking he’s just trying to hook up, and not actually get to know me. So I texted him what his intentions were, was he really trying to watch a movie or watch a “movie” and he said he definitely was just tryin to watch something and drink.. still didn’t really make his intentions clear but it sounded chill to me, so I just left it open. Then 2 hours later he changed his mind, and said he doesn’t really feel comfortable coming now and I told him why you said you wanted to, and he just left me on read and unfriended me on snap.. and today I was gonna try and talk to him, confront him but I guess he saw me on the bench and went to go stand on the other side.. and when he walked pass me to throw something away he was so pissed off, and made no eye contact and I don't know why. If anything I should be, and I am. But I’m more upset and confused why he changed his mind and the way he’s acting. And I just don’t know if I’ll be able to talk to him, if he’s avoiding me but I just don’t deserve it.

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  • 1 month ago

    so much drama...

  • Ashley
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Sounds like he was just trying to see if you were easy enough to sleep with him with no further communication. Anytime a guy says “come over let’s watch a movie and we could get drunk” that is a clear sign he wants you to get drunk to become more vulnerable around him to sleep with him, especially with his conversation leading up to that. He found out you weren’t an easy catch and ghosted you. 

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