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As a Briton, do you know who the members of the Royal Family are? Can you name them all?


And what do they mean to you and your life? Do you feel patriotically dutiful to them? Do you respect them for their royal status? And, lastly, do you see them as your superiors (above you in social standing because of the family they were born to)? Thanks in advance for providing replies!

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    No, I couldn't name them all, I saw in the paper that someone is 22nd in line to the throne and I can't remember his name. I don't know every verse to "God Save the Queen" neither, there is more than the single verse sung at football matches and I only know that because of football. I was born in Liverpool and have lived there most of my life, I don't know anyone that bothers with the royals much. We know the main few senior members of the royal family and the verse of the national anthem most commonly sung at an England game, that's it. I can name all the Queen's Children but not all of her Grandchildren.

    ...Duh of course I can name some from the conquest anonymous, the question is about now! How are current royals relevant to day to day life? Not very.

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    I am not British. I can name some of the royals who have served some public capacity, but I don't know all of them.

    Elizabeth, Philip, Charles, Camilla, William, Catherine, George, Charlotte, Louis, Harry, Meghan, Archie, Andrew, Beatrice, Eugenie, Edward, Sophie, Lady Louise, Lord Severn, Anne, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester, Edward, Duke of Kent, Katharine, Duchess of Kent, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

    The family is of interest to me. They have a certain social status, but they are not superior to any one, just more known than most people.

  • I believe I can name them all. This includes two Michaels and two Edwards. I do not respect them. Every time one is born, I just thing "we're gonna need a bigger wall".ย 

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    I am A Royalist and No I cannot Name them all

    But I can Disarm or dispose of an IED

    People I have a Paper Runner Giving the names and Positions of all the Royals from about 829 Egbert of Wessex conquered Mercia,

    What is so Important about Knowing all the Royals all the US presidents they would never get anyone a Job

    especially one Like Mine

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    Aunty Elizabeth, Phil and Don*, Cheating Charlie, Annie gone wrong, Randy Andy and Eddie, the sensitive one. Band on the run, band on the run.

    *There may not be a Don at this time of writing.

    They mean there are less politicians; feathering their own nests. I respect anyone who works for the country. The answers to the other questions; is a resounding NO!

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    liz, phil,charlie, andy, eddie, and annie. Its good to get a female monarch. I am not british but my grandparents were.

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    I can name all the kings and queens of England from the Conquest, sort of thing one was taught at school. Of the present family I know who most of them are, or at least the ones that crop up in the news, and even met a few, whichย is inevitable if you are involved with their charities.

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    i think there's one guy called jeff, another called kevin and a princess tracey

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