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what does it mean "to invade someone's personal space"? why some people just seem to be obsessed with doing this to others? how to react?


like just waiting for someone to be somewhere so you can be there that "invasion of space"?

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    You may think of it as infringing on another person's territory or comfort zone. Those prone to do this may be insensitive or may be trying to irritate or agitate the person whose space is being invaded.

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    According to our culture and our individual comfort, we all have an invisible circle drawn around us and we feel invaded if someone enters it.  The circle is much smaller for Mediterraneans and Hispanics.

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    Physically, and literally, it means to put your body within the zone of space that someone else (as with all people) has in their head as belonging to themselves, as their "territory".  That is the nonliteral meaning of personal space, a person's zone of comfort that they want to have as a marker of what is not an intrusion and what is an intrusion.  Basically, the "personal space" is an imaginary volume around the person's body that serves as part of their body, as belonging to them and the body.

    The size of a personal space is partly a cultural thing: in some societies, the average person has an idea of a large space that needs to be left unoccupied around them to be comfortable. It can be interesting to watch two people from different cultures where one has a large personal space and the other a small personal space, because the one from the small personal space culture will keep trying to get closer to the other, who will keep trying to back away and make the space bigger.

    It also can vary according to situation: a person's idea of "personal space" is usually larger in the open than in a crowded train.

    It wouldn't really be a violation (an intrusion) of someone's personal space to be a stalker (which is what "waiting for someone so you can be there to" actually and truly is).  That is a far greater intrusion on the person than simply crowding them.  That is an assault on their very right to be independent (of you). It is creepy at best.

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