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Are some people naturally unlikeable?

Is it true that no matter how nice or well wishing someone is, they are still deliberatly and indirectly mistreated, forgotten about or spoken over during group conversations? Let me explain some other situations in where these ideas happen... Whenever I use to plan an event or have great and creative ideas, they are typically dismissed for something obviously less creative that end up being celebrated and remembered for a long time. Another idea I remember was when you do something special, it is typically forgotten, but when you do something slightly troubling, you feel like the entire blame is put on you?? Sometimes I do feel severely disregarded and inconsiderate for people to listen to me. I even feel that my speech has been affected as a result of feeling depressed of these situations. How to rise above all of this?


I feel like false narratives and people taking advantage of your kindness may play a role in this kind of treatment. I also feel a sense of regret when I talk back to people, thinking that I will not have the chance to be on good terms with them anyone. Sometimes I think to myself, why are people take their energy to make sure you look, feel and sound stupid and wait for you to feel sad about it in the end? What do these people gain from this experience anyway?

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    With a drama and music background, I'd like to consider myself a natural mimic. It's weaponized empathy.

    Everywhere you go, there's always that one guy everyone hates. (texts family dynamics PsyD therapist...). Natalie Portman once pointed out that therapy and acting are the same thing, you have to figure out what makes people tic. For "that guy" how I get into his character by mimicking him is you have to let your heart die. Breath out and never breath in again, ensuring you never will again as you've collapsed into the void where your heart and breath once were. Then tighten your butthole in defense of all the threats that will now comes as you've made yourself a vulnerable shell of a person, the hawks following you from above doing the "carcass dance."

    What makes them unlikable is they then spend every waking moment leaching energy off other people. Walking the line between literal supernatural and aphorism, they need you to temporarily give them breath, like a lifetime of CPR, leaving you weakened and sick on the inside as they get 15 mins of joy for your next year of emptiness for interacting with them. That's how you get that situation where they didn't do or say anything bad, you can't verbally justify why you hate them but you just can't stand to be around them.

    Yes, some people are thoroughly unlikable and one is valid in feeling that way and actively avoiding them.

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    It all depends on their personality.

    So Yes.

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    The LORD needs women from time to time............To remind them of his Glenn Beck sounding cackle.

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