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How will Americans vote on election day? Will most votes be cast on election day? how long till the results are in?

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    So far over 48 million votes are cast. It should be over 50 million with in-the-mail and states that do not report or have early voting and substantial mail-in.

    As of Oct 22, with 12 days to go.

    136,628,459 votes in 2016 as a 60% turnout. 40% of eligible voters did not vote. 57 million people voted early in 2016 before election day and about 80 million at the polls on election day.

    I expect over 160 million votes this election, with almost 1/3 already cast. I expect many more will be cast before election day this year. Some states will not resolve their totals for a week. If the election is close, results will take longer to resolve with recounts. November 4th will show us where we are at. Lines for voting are long now for in-person in major cities.

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