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Reoccuring yeast infection suddenly!?!?! Am I dying!?!?! ?

I'm 21 and a virgin. I had my first ever yeast infection at the start of this month. Took over the counter stuff and it was healed in two days. My period came a week later. Then over. Now again.. I'm a week or so before my period and the infection is back?!?! It's milder this time but it's there. I get super dry and sandpaper like down there and have itching. But the itching isn't constant. It is worse in the morning and almost not even there all day. I'm confused. Is this gonna ******* happen before every period now? I'm at a loss for words. It itching at my vag opening and all down there too like my labia lips too

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    You need to see your doctor, this is not normal.

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    Please make an appointment with a gynaecologist 

  • It sounds like your ph balance is off.

    Have you changed the frequency of hot baths, or been swimming excessively in chlorinated pools?

    Tight pants, or lower pelvic area clothing, under warmer conditions, can also contribute to this, as well as (potentially) certain foods.

    Be very conscience about what has changed in your habits, behavior and consumption SINCE you began having this problem. If none of this works (you should still give the over the counter medication one more week at least, used as recommended, to see if you are actually regulating or getting better; it's not always immediate, even if it appears it is) then you may want to consult a gynecologist.

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    Are you doing anything to help it? I mean, drinking a lot of water, and cranberry juice too; and a lot of women find it's really a help if you apply some plain yoghurt in the area.

    Try all those, and if they don't help within a few days, for heaven's sake go and see a doctor.It might be something simple that they can clear up for you really fast.

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