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Just a random question that popped up in my bio class and wanted to hear your guys opinions and approaches. If you ever saw your kid or sibling vaping and they tell you that it’s not harmful to them because it’s just flavor (like you know how vapes have bubblegum, fruit, etc... flavors) how do you tell them that it’s dangerous for their health at that small age. Like how do you convince them that vaping is dangerous to their health? ..... I mean for me I would tell them that their brain isn’t going to develop well since it could harm parts of the brain such as attention, learning, mood, etc.. but I don’t think a child would be able to understand that tho lol. 

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    Kids of this age often give their own parents no credibility so I wouldn't just lecture them about their undeveloped brains.  Instead I would break out the published literature to back up the lecture and disprove their theory.  It would be about more than under developed brains too, and include the details of what is contained in the vape too (just because nicotine isn't included doesn't make it healthy, and hence why it is often banned/illegal to vape in certain places).

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