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Does Amazon Prime charge a fee everytime something is ordered?

I signed up for Amazon Prime a few months ago when I had to order a bunch of stuff and it seemed worth it. At the time it charged my card a monthly fee but then it stopped. The other day I used my account to order something for my husband with his debit card and it charged him the amount of the item and then a separate fee of $14.02 that was an "Amazon Prime" fee. What is up with that? He would have ordered from somewhere else if he knew it was going to charge more than what it already said for the item plus shipping. So does prime charge a monthly fee or is it per order? 

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    We pay for Amazon Prime annually.  They charged you the monthly fee, expecting that you might order something else in the same month, and you would get free shipping for all eligible items that month.  They did it because you bought Prime before so they figured you wanted it again.  Amazon does assume things.  If you would rather pay for shipping and don't want it, then call them and tell them.  They will credit you.  If you not want Prime again, ask them to put it in their records.

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    You're problem is you're a moron.  Sounds like $12.95+ 8.25% tax to me. You signed up for A $12.95 monthly plan.

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    Your husband clicked a button that signed him up for Amazon Prime.

    This fee is a recurring monthly fee.

    It will give your family the Amazon prime shopping benefits at Amazon and Whole Foods, but also access to other benefits.  Prime Video , music, monthly free books.

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