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Do women really like big penis or do they just say that because it is common trend to say so? ?

If they really do like big penis then please explain why? An answer to one of my questions stated that the vagina is only around 5 inches deep and 3 inches is where the G-spot is. So why would a big penis be more pleasurable or better for a woman wanting to enjoy sex?

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    People in the U.S. generally want more than they can handle.

    Look at how much food is thrown in the garbage in the U.S. while the rest of the world starves.

    SOME woman always want more and penis is no exception to them. SOME women say if it's too big it's uncomfortable. It's usually different for different women, but if a woman has a huge vaginal cavity she'll probably need a lot of penis to fill it to make the experience sexually satisfying.

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    The vagina is pliable and a bit can be enlarged with use regularly to be sort of elastic in nature. And just length doesn't insure hitting the g-spot. You have to know how to manipulate the penis upward on the near inner wall behind the clitoris to hit it and do it repeatedly.

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    You have some serious mental difficulties there, don't you?!  Generalizing about all women is ridiculous.  People have different preferences.   If you have a small penis, then learn to use other techniques to satisfy your partners.  Its really not rocket science.  Obsessing about penis size is not going to get you laid.

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