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What is the definition of a person that is a “redneck”?

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    The term carries several definitions, but most of them are not too kind and most are aimed at people from the Southern United States. 

    - A white person from the South

    - A dumb white person from the South

    - A crass and unsophisticated white person from the rural working class

    - A white person in general

    - A poor white person

    - An uneducated white person

    - A lower class white person

    - A white person from the South who drives a pickup

    - If you have a set of salad bowls with the words Cool Whip on the side, you might be a redneck.

    - If your screen door has no screen, you might be a redneck

    - If you look in your truck's rear view mirror and all you see is dogs, you might be a redneck. 

    - If you ever mowed your lawn and found a car, you might be a redneck.

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    3 months ago

    One definition is a person who is uneducated and often intolerant of those who are different.

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    It varies according to the individual, but the general idea is that a redneck is an ignorant, and typically racist, white person, from the south of the US.  People who have red necks from the sun is the starting idea, so that means white person right off the bat and generally means from rural areas (farms) and also working class (work in the sun).  Think of the uneducated white field bosses overseeing black workers at some farm or other, and how they would behave both in the field and out in the real world.  No respect for blacks.

    Thus, for many people, the term is a generic one that applies to any ignorant racist white person.  Don't have to be from the south or even a man (can be a woman), but white, ignorant and racist are pretty much the idea for everyone when they say "redneck".  Sometimes, they might just mean ignorant without the racism part, but only because the racist aspect hasn't shown itself.  Just an ignorant southern boy.  Racism is expected even if not actually seen, because rednecks pretty much are never not racist.

    Someone gets called a redneck, they are being called ignorant in a very particular way (the ignorance of working class white folks from the deep south).  The racist part is only implied, sometimes.

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