If Belichicks is the reason for the Patriots success why hasn't anyone copied it?

10 former assistants left to become head coaches


To M Diego any Head coach that had success in the NFLwas somebodys assistant at one time.Includeing Belichick and Lombardi!

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    Because he is a defensive genius and tremendous disciplinarian. You can't teach genius and most guys will not have the iron will to maintain that discipline.

    I remember in the playoffs one yr Dion Lewis was dominant in a game but fumbled once as well. The next week in practice Belichick made him walk around carrying a football all week and had guys randomly try to knock the ball out of his hands.

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    This is probably in reference to Brady being a system QB and it is Bills system that won all the time.All I got to say is he didn't win as HC with the Browns.He and Brady seemed to need each other to win.Yes all the others around them as wellThe orgization as a whole was run very well.I'm just going to say this the system was put inaround Bradys strengths and weakness in mind.

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    Because the assistant coaches aren't Belichick and haven't been able to put together a staff as good as his.

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    Name a former assistant who became a successful NFL head coach. Not even Nick Saban did well in the NFL, Pat Hill was great with Fresno State though.

    Belichick’s coaching tree is mediocre at best. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Team games are not won by a single player.

    Without the other guys, no one can do the job.

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