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If Joe Biden wins and the Democrats take the U.S. Senate, will Americans agree with Democrats imposing union dominance in the workplace?

For example, the Democrats' Protecting the Right to Organize Act, passed by Nancy Pelosi's House in February, would nullify the right-to-work laws of 27 states. These laws protect individuals from having to join a union or pay dues. Mind you, well over half of union dues flow straight into the Democratic Party's bank accounts. Is this what Americans want, or understand that they are likely voting for if they vote for Joe Biden?


For the kids hanging here on YAP-YAP, the low-info types, and those who wake up only every four years or so, it's worth pointing out that without union dues and union foot soldiers the Democratic Party would be toast. Period. End of story. Unions ARE the Democratic Party, no matter how much the "meritocratic" elite might want you to believe otherwise.

Update 2:

Should you choose to do so, please share the unions of which you've been a member.


In my case, I've been a member of both The National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) and The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, aka the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC).

Update 3:

Yo, A.J...."People can be fired without cause."


Is it your thinking then that a worker can only be fired when the company finally fails?

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    Where does the number come from about 1/2 union dues becoming political contributions to Democrats? You just added a false statement!

    37% of government employees and only 6% of private sector are now in unions!

    Your info is 30 years or more out of date.

    As to the "right-to-work" union busting laws, the current capitalist system has too much power over workers. I'm mixed on this subject. Unions and business owners out of control both have issues. Wages of workers today are generally far too low. Businesses minimize benefits when they can. People can be fired without cause. Businesses have brought in cheap foreign labor too often.

    With a current system too geared towards OWNERS, eliminating right to work laws is a positive direction, but are there alternatives to preventing random firing and lack of benefits and underpaid for work performed.

    Do we want more government monitoring and encroachment, or leave it in labor unions?   

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    Unions are a good thing 

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