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I am being slut-shamed in school because of lies people made up about me. What can I do to feel better?

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    Ignore the lot of them.  Pity the ones that believe the lies.  Tell the liars that they are just fantasists.  Act totally bored with the whole thing.  It's a form of bullying so no reaction from you will make them bored and move on to bully someone else.  If it carries on, tell your parents and/or the head teacher because Slander (which this is) is a criminal offence.  It's also defamation of character which is also a crime.

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    Sorry, dear. As a social goddess who loved high school, college, and easily makes friends and has moved many times, * yes, that was a humble brag at inappropriate time, but done to lead into the rest of my story on why you should trust me* the one thing I want to share with you is when you get to college, absolutely no one from high school matters. That is not a cliche. In college people are trying to pass their classes to keep their scholarship, actually learn to prepare for their future, many will be going on to med and law school or masters programs, so the last thing anyone is concerned about is your vagina and what u did with it in high school. Next, in college, high school is seen as that school u went to years ago for little kids. Next, you can reshape who u want to be there. If you've always wanted to be known as a highly intelligent & stylish fashionista, you can buy some cool clothes and play around with styles and study like heck to be on top of your studies at school. Maybe you've always wanted to join a sorority. Well, no better plan than to start looking into it now. Basically, Im saying try(I know its hard) to look toward the future and get info on college life, ask your school guidance counselor about college mentors or explore visiting options with him/her now. 

    Next, as someone older than you, the funny thing Ive notice is the bullies, didn't amount to much. It kind of tickles me actually. The girls who were skinny, got fat after kids. And the tough bully guys played a year of football in some off brand college, some went to decent schools, but none went pro NBA/NFL as they were only good in our region, but kids from all over the nation were waaaaaay more advanced than them. I say this to say, these kids in school who are teasing wont amount to much. Really, they wont. 

    If it is causing you tremendous emotional distress find a way to home school or switch schools(if possible). I would rather you be emotionally okay, than tormented by these loser kids. Just know although I was popular, I never made fun of people. Why? Truly happy, well adjusted kids, don't feel good about making others feel bad, because that doesnt feel good. However, peoole who are struggling with an issue at home, whether it be divorce, parents favoring a child other than them, molestation, depression, sexual orientation, insecurity, do what is called "leveling." They cut you down to the level they feel comfortable dealing with you at. 

    Sending u a hug...wishing I could help more. This too shall pass

     Hang in there

    You are important. Your life is important. Do great things. Don't let these bung holes steal your joy. 

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    beat the **** out of those motherfuckers you got this baby

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    Possible way to feel better is, just smile......

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