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Will this card's value increase or decrease in the future.?

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  • 1 month ago

    Impossible to say. Current values seem awfully elevated to me, but who knows?  If he becomes one of the truly legendary players of the sport, then this is one of the many rookie cards you would want to own - others not so much* - and even better if it was certified in a grade of 8 or higher by the #1 ranked PSA.

    But he is so young and injury or other things could drastically change the trajectory of his career and that can have a tremendous downward effect.

    * There was a time in the hobby when there was just one or two companies putting out a single card set, and so there was only one or two rookie cards for a player.  Now there are multiple companies with multiple product lines and endless parallels, so that there are dozens or more cards of a player for their 'rookie' year on cardboard. Generally, only one or two emerge as the ones to own.  This is why I turned my buying, back when the first bust in cards came in the early 1990s, to buying vintage cards.  Nothing I bought from 1985 and earlier has gone down in value and quite a bit of it has increased greatly.  My gut tells me that in another 30 years, that stuff, all of it, will be worth more than it is now.  My gut tells me that only a fraction of what's being put out now will appreciate.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If its condition remains the same I would bet my life it will be worth more in 30 years.

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