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How to Get a Cat to Trust You?

There has been a cat that has been hanging around our barn. I really love cats and my dad says if I can befriend he won't mind if we keep it, as long as it stays outside. It has only stuck around for about a week and I've only ever seen it once, however, my dad claims he has seen it a few times. It's a little small, it looks young but not a kitten, and it is tabby colored. 

I've looked around for it a bit but couldn't find it. I only have dog food so I set out a small bowl of that. Is dog food okay for now? Will hurt the cat? 

If there's any advice or tricks you can share on how to get the cat to trust me that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dog food isn't the best, but it certainly isn't the worst.  I would ask your parents if you could get a heated igloo and put that in the barn for the cat, or ask if you can make the cat a shelter using a plastic bin.  The cat is in your barn because its a safe place out of the elements, but a dedicated space is better than a corner in the barn.  Once there is a shelter and the cat uses it, and you feed it regularly, it will get used to you.  You might not ever be able to pet it, but it won't be scared of you.  

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