Can U.S. Liberal supporters of Joe Biden tell me why they didn't respond to my question of how Joe Biden will deal with covid 19 after?

being sworn in on 1/20/2021?

Asked 44 minutes ago; simple question.

What IS his Plan?



Joe said in a commercial on this site HE HAS a plan to deal with covid.

Governors over rule , local, county, and state health departments.

75% unemployment, only "Public officials" will have jobs!

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    1 month ago
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    There's no plan. Uncle Joe will simply "listen to the experts."


    Back in the real world, local, county, and state health departments will continue doing what they do best: manage local health outbreaks, such as Covid-19. There will be no magic wand waved by Joe. Oh, there WILL be a wand waved; it just won't be magic.

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    1 month ago

    Does big trump as a PLAN ?????????????????????????

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