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Is minecraft worth it for $27?

I tried the 1 hr free trial and I mean.. it was fun.. but in that whole hr i felt like i already explored and did everything i could pretty much do. I mean I didn't get a diamond sword or anything (pretty sure I could have if I wanted to) but the reason I wanted to buy it was because my little brother kind of likes minecraft and honestly so do I. It seems like a cool, fun sandbox type of game but I don't feel like there are clear objectives. Is surviving all you have to do? My favorite games to play are call of duty, fortnite and Alex legend's. Yes, I play zombies too. But as of late I haven't played too much games besides pokemon go and yugioh duel links. Both of which are on the phone. On the phone minecraft was only $7 or something so I thought it was going to be the same price for PC too. Apparently not.. which is kind of a bummer because I don't think it's worth it for $27. I mean I think I will still buy it because how fun it is to play with my little brother. But if he doesn't want to play I probably won't play either to be honest. What's your opinion on minecraft and its price? I'm most likely not going to have friends playing this nor am I going to mod it either so both of those options are out the window. Is there anything I could do to feel accomplishment in that game? I play duel links and pokemon go because I feel accomplished when I can evolve my pokemon or finally get the cards I want to play with.


I also feel accomplishment when I find a perfect iv pokemon or find a new duelist who can unlock cool cards. I have already played minecraft in the phone. I hate mobile controls. Its not for me

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    It’s a sandbox game, do whatever you want. The main objective is to kill the ender dragon which usually requires the best gear. 


    After that, you make your own fun. Build whatever you want, set your own goals, role play, build contraptions using redstone. 


    Personally I get bored of vanilla minecraft rather quickly as I’ve been playing since 2011. That’s why I play modded minecraft most of the time, the modding community is a big part of why minecraft became so successful. You mentioned you like Pokemon, there’s a Pokemon mod called Pixelmon

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    It depends on how much you're planning to play it AND if you're going with the standard (Bedrock Engine) OR the original Java version as they're sold separately.

    The Standard Edition, which is available on Windows 10, mobile (iOS / Android) & consoles (XBox One / PS4 / Switch)... this might be the one you want since it supports cross-platform play through XBox Live network (Gold subscription only required for XBox One, PS+ & Switch online subscriptions required for online play on respective platforms).  This would allow you to play with others on your phone or desired platform.  Sales on the digital versions for consoles can happen, but it's fairly rare.  I would generally recommend this version if you want to the most flexibility for multiplayer action.

    The Java Edition is the original version for PC (Windows, Mac & Linux).  It doesn't utilize the XBox Live network for multiplayer (so NO cross-platform support), but it has the most mod support & is typically the first to get new content.  Sales on this version have yet to happen (mostly because of the alpha & beta versions had a 50% & 25% discount respectively prior to it's official release).

    As for which version you go with is ultimately up to you as I'm probably not the best person to make recommendations since I purchased the Java version during the alpha phase (for ~$13 US back in Dec., 2010) & picked up the Bedrock Edition as part of a free offer (when Windows 10 was released).  I also have the Android & Switch versions, which I play on & off (either by myself or on a community server).

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    That is up to you. For me it is worthless since I do not care for it.

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