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Why do motorists drive on bike lanes?

I was riding my bike using my lane (Although I don't own the entire bike lane), there have been car drivers driving on bike lanes, they drove on a painted bike path sign, forcing me to ride my bike closer to the parked card where there could be doors opening unexpectedly. I love to ride my bike, but what I hate about biking is riding on a busy street full of fast-moving cars not sharing the road. 


The only motorized vehicles that are legally allowed to drive on bike lanes are city buses, but only when they have to make stops. 

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     The motorists will get a ticket for out of lane.

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    You may as well ask, "Why do motorists run red lights?"  Or, "Why do motorists roll through stop signs barely slowing down?"  

    So, get a Go-Pro video camera & report them.  Or...if you don't like busy streets, find a parallel side street & use that instead.  People do stupid sh*t all the time.  How the hell am I supposed to know what's going through their mind when they break a traffic law?  I'm not psychic.   

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    Well great you really told us nothing. Though bike lane laws are basically the same everywhere in the USA there are some slight variations in the laws in some states. There can be major variations in bike lane laws from one country to another. So since we have no idea where you live there isn't any way of knowing if a legal violation is occurring or not.  

    Look up your local legal statutes on bike lanes and read your driver's handbook on bike lanes. Once you know the law thourghly then start wearing a helmet cam and rear view cam. If you see someone violating bike lane laws be sure to get their tag number, the violation and if possible the driver's face on video. Then turn the video into the police. 

    Source(s): Motorized bicycle owner and builder.
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