Am I getting paid enough?

I am a full time nanny for a 5 month old boy. As a nanny, I take care of his basic needs, bottle feed him every 2 hours, keep him entertained, feed him, put him down for naps, play with him, deal with fits and screaming, etc. I am CPR certified and have received two certificates from online trainings for early childhood education. I have work experience at a preschool where I taught/took care of children ages 0-6. At this job, I work Monday-Friday from 7:15am to 5pm, sometimes until 5:30 at night. I get paid $200 a week. Is this fair for how many hours I work? 



For reference, I do not live with them and am required to bring/buy my own food. 

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  • drip
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I feel you are grossly underpaid. 

    $200 x 5 = $40 per day, working about 10 hours per day means you are making $4 per hour.  That is ridiculous. 

    15 year old babysitters make more than that. 

    You should be making at least minimum wage. 

    A retail job or a fast food job would pay out more. Look for a new job. Lots of places around me all have help wanted signs out.  I would be sending out applications and doing interviews.    Write a resignation letter to the parents.  Give them a two to three notice.  When they ask why, tell them it really comes down to salary. You would need $10 per hour to continue working for them. 

    If you enjoy your job, tell them that. But after doing research you feel you are very underpaid and need to look for a better paying job to pay your bills and have a savings.  

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    Are you a live-in?  If so, then you are probably being paid appropriately if they are providing your food, housing, and utilities.  If you live somewhere else, you are not being paid enough.  You're being paid $40 a day and working 9 3/4 hours or more a day, so you're making about $4 an hour.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I'd pay you $170

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