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I dont know what to do!?

So my parents are getting divorced, one is staying in California (San Diego) and the other is moving to Texas with my brother. I dont know if I should stay in California but moved to LA with my best friend due to her starting school over there or move with my mom and brother to Texas. My friend really wants us to get an apartment together and believes we can achieve our goals (her beginning her acting career and Me starting out my modeling and marketing career). Shes 18 and I am 19.  The problem is, I dont have a car anymore and im just afraid that we wont be able to afford rent since it’s extremely expensive there. 

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    You are facing some very challenging hurdles. Living in Los Angeles is indeed comparatively expensive, depending upon where in L.A. you live. And wherever it is, you need a car to get around. You didn't say anything about having an income, being supported by your parents, or what source of money you are planning on having.  

    If you are planning on a career in marketing, you need to go to college, and that, also, means you need a source of finances. 

    As for modeling, you'll need an agent, all kinds of things you'll have to pay for, like a photo portfolio, training, etc. Again, it comes down to money, doesn't it.

    You don't have a car, you are worried about rent, and your friend is going to have to find income, as well, e.g., waitressing, etc., while she pursues her acting dreams.

    Start with developing sources of income. Then, consider, carefully, just how much anything you choose to do will cost, and double it.  Good luck,  

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    I agree with the other answers, I think that maybe it would be best to go to Texas and get an easy job like at fast food or something, and save up. Then when your friend has graduated work things out from there. 

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    Unless you have a lot of savings you're going to find it extremely difficult to do.  The professions you've selected have a high failure rate and people often need to have other jobs while they pursue their dreams.

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