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Catholic, what’s your honest opinion about pope and your reaction to pope’s statement about civil union?

We get that he made statement long before he became the pope. 

Was that a translation mistake? Is media misinterpreting it? Did he really approve civil union? Then why did he say gay adoption harms children? Civil union obviously comes with sexual relations too. Does that mean pope approves gay sex?

This pope is a pope of confusion 

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    No pope may ever EVER dissent with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. His comments were disgraceful, and have brought scandal. Time for Bergoglio to leave.

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    He did not say civil union, he said: "Ley de Convivencia Civil" that could be translated as "Civil coexistence Law". In Spanish, civil unions are called “Unión civil”. which he did not say.

    It is about gay children not been thrown away from their parents homes for being queer. See the literal translation below. But I agree that this pope is a pope of confusion and media just blows it up.

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    is an exception to the rule among clergy.  He's a former bouncer who worked at from a tough bar in Buenos Aries, Argentina.  He's extremely liberal and has seen and heard all sorts of people and ideas during his lifetime.

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    Well, I'm sure our resident Lying Lion will come to pass judgement onto others, after he himself admitted to killing his own wife.  I can hardly wait for that narcissist POS to come in blast everyone else on the planet while wanting to force his own views on everyone

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